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"Trust In Trees" with Toni Ellis on For What It's Worth by Blake Melnick


March 2021

Hear Toni Ellis speak about Tree Trust, a not-for-profit dedicated to the preservation of mature trees in communities across Ontario.

Mature trees are evocative. People around the world have a visceral reaction to big trees. And while we love trees for their aesthetic value, their shade, and their importance to the wildlife habitat as well as their role in storm water management, we are now beginning to see the value they play in helping mitigate climate change. My guest this week on #ForWhatitsWorthwithBlakeMelnick is Toni Ellis. Toni was one of the founders of the blue box program in Toronto, certainly recognized as one of the first major, community-based recycling initiatives in North America. In 1999, she moved on to found #TreeTrust, a not-for-profit designed to advocate for the  preservation of mature trees in communities across Ontario. 

Listen Here.

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