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The following is a list of our active members. These include people who were part of the the original is five foundation as well as others who have recently joined the group. While each member is actively involved in their own projects, much like the Travelling Wilburys, we pitch in to help each other succeed in our individual endeavours, as well as new Pivot Green projects. 



Pivot Green Focus: Trees

Toni Ellis, a lifelong environmental activist, is a board member of the Elora Environmental Centre and founder of She was recognized as Wellington's Citizen of the Year (2007) and awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (2012). Toni founded the urban forest program in Centre Wellington to advocate for trees - the enviro Super Heros!

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Pivot Green Focus: Electric Vehicles

Maria Kelleher is an environmental engineer who works on recycling, green energy and climate change projects for government, industry and not-for-profit clients. She is a member of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority Board of Directors, the University of Toronto Civil Engineering Industry Advisory Board, and has served as a board member with Toronto Atmospheric Fund and Pollution Probe.

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Pivot Green Focus: Basic Income, Environmental Justice

Geoff Love, grandfather of twin girls, now lives in Stratford, ON, pitching Zero Waste and active transportation plans in response to his city's climate emergency declaration. He's also a local Tree Trust partner with fellow Pivot Green member, Toni Ellis, and a lead on his local United Way's work on a living wage and universal basic income. Currently trying to stop a new glass plant that will more than double our city's GHG emissions. 



Pivot Green Focus: Sustainable Agriculture, Nature and Forest Preservation

Betty Muise is an adult educator and facilitator specializing in waste and climate change issues. She has played a critical role in implementing the blue box program at home and abroad. She is a recipient of the prestigious OTTER award, presented by the Ontario Society of Training and Education for her innovative educational program addressing climate action for workplace employees.

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Pivot Green Focus: Urban Neighbourhoods and Social Justice

Tom Scanlan (former Director of is five Foundation and is five Communications) worked with more than 50 charities on environmental and social justice issues. He is the author of seven educational books and has written for the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Ottawa Citizen. He was also awarded the media story of the year from the Ontario Association for Community Living, for an article that appeared in the Globe and Mail. 



Pivot Green Focus: Green Economic Recovery, Green Business, and Green Cities

Heather Wilson is an information professional with lengthy experience providing research support to clients in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. For more than a decade, she worked providing resources and information support for professionals working on environmental projects. She is actively supporting the action in her neighbourhood to protect the ecosystem in Small's Creek and Williamson Park Ravines.



Pivot Green Focus: Website Design and Social Media

Erin holds a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration and has a background in Collaborative Design as well as Science, Technology & Society. She is currently the Programs Coordinator for GreenHouse, a social impact incubator at the University of Waterloo. When she is not updating the Pivot Green website, Erin enjoys exploring local bodies of water and walks in the forest. She sits on the board of the Gorge Waterway Action Society, an environmental protection and advocacy group in Victoria, BC.

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