Prominent Canadians
Weigh In

Each month we ask a prominent Canadian to respond to our rapid fire questionnaire on climate change.

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Peter Love

Peter Love is a Professor at Yorkville University and where he teaches courses on energy efficiency and sustainability and has written a free on-line text book on energy efficiency policy and programs. He provides strategic and policy advice and serves on several corporate and non-profit boards.


Laura Lynch

Laura Lynch is the host of CBC Radio’s What on Earth, a program dedicated to exploring climate change. Laura began her career in journalism on the west coast and early on covered the environmental beat in BC. She has since covered environmental issues around the world and is known for her award-winning work as a foreign correspondent and for her political prowess from decades spent covering different governments, both in Canada and abroad.


Elizabeth Renzetti

Elizabeth Renzetti is a regular columnist and feature writer for the Globe and Mail. She is also the author of two books: Shrewd: A Wry and Closely Observed Look at the Lives of Women and Girls and Based On a True Story. She was the 2020 winner of the Landsberg Award that recognized her for her work raising awareness about women's equality issues in Canada. 


David Miller

David Miller is the Director of International Diplomacy and Global Ambassador of Inclusive Climate Action at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.  He served as Chair of C40 Cities from 2008 until 2010. Miller was Mayor of Toronto from 2003 to 2010. 


Kyle Turris

A native of Westminster, B.C., Kyle Turris of the Edmonton Oilers has played 13 NHL seasons since being drafted third overall by the Phoenix Coyotes in 2007. 



Scott Niedermayer is a Hockey Hall of Famer, two-time Olympian, four-time Stanley Cup champion and conservationist who lives in B.C.’s Okanagan.