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Prominent Canadians Weigh In: Scott Niedermayer

Scott Niedermayer is a Hockey Hall of Famer, two-time Olympian, four-time Stanley Cup champion and conservationist who lives in B.C.’s Okanagan.

Photo Credit:  s.yume from Calgary, Canada - Russia vs. Canada, CC BY 2.0

What early life experiences triggered your interest in climate issues?

Growing up in Cranbrook, BC on the western edge of the Canadian Rockies, our family enjoyed the wilderness. The more I travelled, the more I appreciated how special it is. The more you learn about the natural world, the more you understand how amazing it is and how we are totally dependent on it for our survival. 

What worries you most about where we are at with the climate emergency?

My hope is that we can respond quickly enough so that future generations aren't stuck dealing with the consequences of our selfish behaviour. 

What green lifestyle change have you and your family started because of the pandemic?

I think like everyone we aren't travelling as much as we used to. 

What green lifestyle change are you finding most difficult to take on?

One of the changes that is difficult to take on is limiting the use of plastics. They are everywhere in our society. 

When you feel discouraged about the environment, do you find that listening to music helps? If so, what music do you listen to?

I enjoy all kinds of music. The best way to deal with getting discouraged is to get outside and enjoy the natural world. 

If a young relative were to ask you in five years' time "what did you do when the climate was tanking," what will you say?

Hopefully I'll be able to say I continued to adopt changes in my lifestyle to lower my carbon footprint, voted with climate being a top issue, and I supported groups doing work to reduce our impacts on the climate.

What gives you hope about the future of the climate and life on this planet?

Attitudes are definitely changing, especially with the younger generations and the new president in the US taking the issue seriously. 

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