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Meet Professor Pricklethorn: a rave by Betty Muise

Before his very recent retirement, Professor Pricklethorn was the parks supervisor for the Toronto Islands and a trained arborist. Over many years, he managed to fit in trips to Ontario schools to give entertaining, engaging and educational presentations about trees. And, now that he has retired (from his day job that is), the Professor continues to give presentations, including a recent one at my local community school. He had the grade 1, 2 and 3 students singing songs about trees, learning and talking about their value and how to care for them. He did this while seamlessly adapting the educational content for each grade. Kooky Professor Pricklethorn has perfected the delivery of highly-engaging and relatable content. So, inspired by Professor Pricklethorn, my rave and shout out is for the many incredibly talented educators that bring important environmental topics to life for students. I can’t think of a more pressing educational imperative than helping students understand the environment and the potential and options for actionable stewardship.

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