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CityHive: supporting youth action for sustainable cities

Updated: Jan 12

Update from CityHive, January 2024: "The award was gratefully received and we were happy that it could directly support our climate action programming for youth throughout 2023. Most recently, the Youth Climate Innovation Lab wrapped up its work exploring how we want to use transportation to improve safety and sustainability in our communities. You can check out information about that program here."

CityHive is on a mission to transform the way that young people are engaged in shaping their cities through decision-making, city planning, and urban sustainability issues. Their climate action programs provide youth with the knowledge, skills, and agency to take place-based and relevant climate action.

Youth are facing an ongoing and acute climate crisis and are eager to be involved in developing solutions and co-creating a better future. For nearly five years, CityHive has been running hands-on programming that supports youth to explore their role in community-based climate action. Each program follows a knowledge-to-action framework to ensure that participants begin with strong foundations of learning before diving into hands-on projects. CityHive focuses on reaching youth at all levels along the engagement continuum – from those facing the highest barriers right up to those who are already established leaders.

CityHive facilitates several climate-related programs including Envirolab, Youth ClimateInnovation Lab, Youth Climate & Climate Leadership Workshops, and Climate ShareSpace. As a youth-led and youth-run non-profit organization, they continue to

champion the needs of youth and recognize youth power in shaping our collective futures.

In recognition of their inspiring efforts leading to positive impacts in its local community in the fight against climate change, Pivot Green, in partnership with the Small Change Fund, has awarded CityHive a $500 honorarium for their successful climate programs.

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