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Canadian Youth Climate Action Awards - our 2024 honourable mentions

The following projects were all presented with an honourable mention Canadian Youth Climate Action Award for their amazing work in the fight against climate change.


The Global Sunrise Project

The Global Sunrise Project is a youth-led enterprise founded at 15 years old by award-winning Gen-Z activist filmmaker/photographer Kasha Sequoia Slavner. It uses its positive impact storytelling platform to conduct educational and community outreach, exhibitions, documentary screenings, webinars, workshops, and online campaigns around the UN Sustainable Development Goals to empower intergenerational audiences to take inspired climate action. More information on this project may be found here.

Human Nature Projects Ontario

The 2024 Environmental Advocacy Fellowship from Human Nature Projects (HNP) Ontario will be a civic engagement program to influence the future of environmental activism in North America. The goal of this year’s month-long fellowship is to provide young people with the tools they need to become environmental activists in their local communities and to develop a profound awareness of the relationship between environmental issues and civic engagement. This year’s fellowship theme will be centered on: “Climate Catalysts,” which explores how human activities amplify the Earth’s climate effects. Through this fellowship, participants will have the opportunity to participate in workshops led by industry professionals, renowned professors, activists, and others, while hearing the diverse perspectives of others. Subsequently, the participants will carry out an investigation on one of the climate catalysts while also coming up with novel approaches to address this problem, taking into account the various viewpoints of other people, and ways to put their ideas into practice. More information on the fellowship may be found here.

SculptShore: Art to Action

SculptShore is bringing a new positive voice to conservation by putting a face to the issue and encouraging people to care, using art as a tool to engage and educate about the innovative solutions surrounding ocean plastics, fishing gear, and ship strikes.

The life-sized North Atlantic right whale calf sculpture SculptShore is proving that art, action, and education framed around positive messaging is a valuable marketing tool that is effective and engaging. More information on this project may be found on their Instagram page.

Solastalgia Zine

Solastalgia is a youth-led community initiative that addresses climate emotions through creative art mediums. They create zines and arts-based events focused on amplifying intergenerational and youth voices around climate justice themes, eco-anxiety and eco-emotions. Their goal is to help people stay resilient and engaged in climate action. Check out their work on Instagram and on their website.

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