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Pivot Green connects and celebrates people, businesses, and communities with stories and ideas to inspire restorative climate action.


2024 Canadian Youth Climate Action Award prize winners 

Presented on Earth Day, April 22, 2024

Meet our newest prize winners and learn about their amazing projects

Green Balconies


Turning Interest Into Action

In the mid-1970s a small environmental organization called the is five foundation, worked on a number of environmental issues in a variety of Toronto neighbourhoods. One of the initiatives involved creating the first curbside pick up of bottles and cans for recycling. That seemingly simple program became the precursor to the blue box program that is now a worldwide phenomenon. Four decades later, individuals from the original is five foundation and its spin-off company Resource Integration Systems (RIS) Ltd. are getting the band back together to work on a variety of new initiatives. With a strong belief that minor lifestyle changes can often blossom into major societal changes, our goal is to connect and celebrate businesses and communities with stories and ideas to inspire restorative climate action and social justice. There has never been a better time for Canadians to Pivot Green.

To learn more about the philosophy of Pivot Green, please see Ottawa Citizen article in our Communications section.

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