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Canadian Youth Climate Action Awards

2024 CYCAA judges

This year, an esteemed panel of external judges reviewed and ranked a short list of CYCAA submissions. Our deepest appreciation to the judges for taking the time to review the applications and help select the prize winners.

Allen, Kate

Kate Alllen, Climate Change Reporter, Toronto Star

Sarah Doyle

Sarah Doyle, Head of Sustainability, Maglin Site Furniture

Love, Peter

Peter Love, Ontario’s first Chief Energy Conservation Officer

Mann, Ewan

Ewan Mann, Member, Stratford DSS Ecoclub

Scanlan, David

David Scanlan, Senior Editor for Asia Finance + ESG, Bloomberg News


Derek Stephenson, President, Strategy Matters Inc.

Pivot Greeners Erin Hogan, Geoff Love, Betty Muise, Tom Scanlan, and Heather Wilson also acted as judges for this year's awards.

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