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The Year Earth Changed

Narrated by David Attenborough (who else would it be!?)

  • Review by Rosemarie McClean, June 2021

  • 48 minutes running time

  • Apple TV

  • April 2021

In our house we love nature documentaries. Often, however, the overarching message is not entirely uplifting, but this new film will give optimism to viewers about the nature that surrounds us.


Much has been written about the impact of Covid-19 on humans, but have you ever wondered about what it has meant for nature and wildlife? You will find the answers in this brilliant documentary, available through AppleTV.


Attenborough’s soothing voice outlines the strides that nature has made while humans hunkered down in their homes. It turns out that while we retreated, nature flourished. 


Animal behaviour changed in response to their new freedoms. Bird communication was more successful, penguins had two broods in one season, sea turtles prospered, and endangered species gained ground.


Air quality visibly improved to once in a lifetime levels in some cities. In India, the Himalayas became visible. Water ran clear, plants thrived, and it was a photographer’s dream to have creatures walk right up to the camera.


David Attenborough says, “the moment we paused, the earth was able to breath again.” 


If you are looking for a bright side to this dark time, I suggest you give this film a look.


Rosemarie McClean lives in New York where she appreciates the brilliance of Frederick Law Olmsted (who designed Central Park) on a daily basis.

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